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Hi there,
My name is Carla and I am a local herbalist outside of Davenport, WA. I wildcraft  and cultivate  many of the plants I use. I make medicine from these plants by extracting their special properties using alcohol and oils. I customize my own tea blends from the hand picked herbs. I specialize in local natural medicine and personalized programs derived from an integral relationship with my clients.

If you have any questions, would like to set-up a personal consultation, need to place a special order or would prefer not to make an order on-line (contacting me instead to place an order), please e-mail me at

2 thoughts on “Perianth Herbs”

  1. I purchased Allergeez this morning at the farmers market. I forgot to ask you about dosage. How often and how many drops? Empty or full tummy important? Thank you.

  2. Carla, Nice to meet you yesterday at the Spokane Farmer’s Market.! I bought the fresh Arnica oil… Thank you! Look forward to using (already have) and seeing you again…!


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